Lanzarote Airport Taxi
Lanzarote Airport Taxi
Lanzarote Airport Taxi

Lanzarote Airport Taxi

Every year, millions of tourists land at Aeropuerto César Manrique-Lanzarote, simply known as Lanzarote Airport, to explore the Spanish Canary Island of Lanzarote. They’re drawn here for the consistently great weather, excellent food and drink, culture, history and many activities.

The airport is situated about 4.5 miles (or roughly 7 kilometers) from the center of Lanzarote’s capital city of Arrecife, and further away from other top destinations. Wherever your hotel or other accommodation on the island is located, you will need some type of transportation to get you, your traveling companions and your luggage from the airport – and options are available.

At the airport you can rent a car, get on a public bus or take a taxi, and while all three of these transportation choices have their own specific pros and cons, you will discover that many people who visit Lanzarote choose to ride in a taxi because of its many benefits.

Lanzarote Airport Taxi Information

Important details about getting a taxi at Lanzarote Airport

After your flight has landed and you have gone through passport control and collected your baggage, there are signs in the two airport terminals directing you to the taxi pickup area. In both terminals, taxis are available on Floor 0 of the arrivals section of the building. If you are struggling to find these locations just ask an airport staff member to assist you.

You may notice that some of the airport taxis are painted in different colors but this is nothing unusual, the various shades simply designate which parts of the island the taxis service. For example, taxis to and from Arrecife are painted white and have a red and green stripe.

Taxis from Lanzarote Airport operate on a meter system that charges you based on the distance traveled, so the further you are traveling from the airport, the higher the fare will be. There are two different fare systems in place depending on the time of day that you need a taxi, and a number of specific charges that apply that will add up to make your eventual fare.

Airport taxi fares on weekdays from 6am until 10pm

  • Price per kilometer: €1.35
  • Minimum fare: €3.85
  • Waiting fee: €18.50
  • Radio service: €0.60
  • Fee for airport ride: €2.10

Airport taxis fares on weekdays from 10pm until 6pm and on weekends and holidays

  • Price per kilometer: €1.55
  • Minimum fare: €4.25
  • Waiting fee: €18.50
  • Radio service: €0.60
  • Fee for airport ride: €2.10


(average charge – all included by a Lanzarote Airport Taxi) From Lanzarote Airport ACE.)

Below you can see some estimates of the typical amount of time it will take to get from the airport to some of the most popular tourist spots on the island, as well as the average fare.

DestinationTime takenTypical fare
Arrecife10 minutes€12
Arrieta30 minutes€34
Caleta Famara25 minutes€31
Costa Teguise15 minutes€20
La Santa30 minutes€32
Playa Blanca35 minutes€45
Puerto del Carmen15 minutes€16
Puerto Calero15 minutes€19

Just remember that the exact fare you will pay would be based on the precise distance that you travel from the airport, and therefore the prices above should be considered a guideline only. And they do not include any tip that you might like to leave for your driver for a safe journey.

When your taxi ride is completed, it is not required to tip your driver but it is considered a kind gesture to give them about 10 percent of the final fare in Euros, if you believe that you received a comfortable, quick and secure ride – that’s why it’s always a good idea to keep some Euro notes with you at all times. But you should not feel any obligation to give your taxi driver a tip if you believe that the ride you received was overpriced or unsafe in any type of way.

The benefits of taking a taxi from Lanzarote Airport

There are several advantages associated with getting a taxi from the airport to destinations around Lanzarote when compared to either taking a public bus or renting a vehicle.

Taking a bus can have a number of problems that you won’t encounter with a taxi, including not having much space for your suitcases and being crowded in with strangers. If you are traveling with a particularly large group then you might struggle to find enough room to fit on a bus, whereas you could instead take one or more taxis and travel in much more comfort.

Taxis will also take you directly from the airport to the front door of your hotel or wherever else you are staying on the island. This is preferable for many travelers than the option of taking a bus because that could drop you off many blocks from your accommodation.

Another perk of taking a taxi is that you will have peace of mind with knowing that your luggage and other belongings are safely locked in the trunk of the taxi once you leave the airport, and they will remain there until you arrive at your destination and unload the vehicle.

And for travelers looking to save money, taking a taxi can work out much cheaper than getting a rental car because the latter is almost always the most expensive transportation option. On top of the basic fee for renting a car you would also have to pay to refuel the vehicle as needed.

Tips for taking a Lanzarote Airport taxi and scams to avoid

Taking a taxi from the airport to sites around Lanzarote is generally a safe and reliable experience, but unfortunately there are some scammers that may try to rip you off. Keep reading to learn about some tricks taxi drivers may use and how you can avoid them.

Ensure that you only ever get a taxi from either of the official pickup areas in the two airport terminals. Never accept a ride from anyone that approaches you inside the airport and claims to be a taxi driver offering a reduced fare. These are not licensed drivers and they will typically charge you much more than you would pay with a conventional taxi.

Another risk with taking an unlicensed taxi is that they likely won’t have insurance that would cover any costs you might incur should the vehicle end up getting in an accident – for example if you have to go to a hospital and then are given an expensive bill for your time there.

Some drivers might try to take you to your hotel or other destination on an unnecessarily long route because this will increase the fare significantly. To prevent this, before your flight you can research the quickest journey from the airport to your destination and insist the driver follow these directions. If they refuse to do so then you should wait to get another taxi.

Another trick that some drivers have been known to use is claiming that their meter is broken and offering you a flat rate instead – and this fare will typically be much higher than the actual metered fee would have been. Before the taxi ride starts, you should ask the driver to show you that their meter is working and then watch it during the ride to make sure it keeps working.

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Lanzarote Airport Taxi FAQ

Both airport terminals have taxi waiting locations on Floor 0 of the arrivals section. There are signs in the terminals directing the way, or an airport representative can provide assistance.

There are no flat fares from Lanzarote Airport to destinations around the island. Instead, taxis use meters that will charge you based on the distance that you travel.

The capital city of Lanzarote is 4.5 miles (or about 7 kilometers) from the airport.

The drive time should be about 10 minutes although it may take longer when you’re driving at busy times like rush hour, or it could be quicker at quieter times such as early in the morning.

Tipping is not required and you definitely should not if you think that the ride was unsafe or overpriced. But if you enjoyed your taxi journey then you can tip your driver with a few Euros.

Many of the taxis that operate at the airport are conventional cars that seat the driver and four passengers, but larger taxis that fit more people are available for bigger traveling groups.

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